Liam falls in the hole LA 8/10

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please just look at them all individually 

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Grizzled Alaskan King Crab fishing captain Liam Payne buried his oldest crew member, Andy Samuels, 2 weeks ago. They’d grown up together and had been fishing since they were both old enough to stand without their mums holding their hands, and they were greenhorns together on Liam’s dad’s boat. Every time Liam turns around to give an order to Andy and Andy isn’t there, the pain of his death is a slap as cold salty sea water whipping in his face.

Liam just took on a couple of new greenhorns himself, had to so they could keep the boat running, keep fishing, keep bringing in money, keep going. One of them, Harry, doesn’t look any older than 16, but that’s about when Liam himself started, and Harry’s stronger than he looks. He’s already covered in tattoos fit for the sea. Niall cheerfully follows orders and is very intuitive, always asking questions and curious about what’s next. For some reason, he always checks up on Liam to make sure he’s doing okay. Liam’s first mate, Louis, puts himself in in charge of breaking them in. Louis has an old beat up dummy that’s dressed like a crew member that he throws off the side of the boat and shrieks about until Harry and Niall jump into the water to try to save it while Louis cheers them on, then he dumps their clothes overboard. Liam tries not to smile, but he can’t help it. 

Liam doesn’t like to think about it too much, but he wishes he could see more of Zayn. He hasn’t talked to Zayn since after the funeral - Liam hadn’t cried at all, hadn’t let himself feel it at first, but Zayn took him home and said, “it’s okay, I know,” until Liam’s tears spilled out, and he didn’t feel so overwhelmingly choked by sadness, and then Zayn took him to bed and fucked him. Zayn works back in the office; he’s the voice who comes through on the radio when there’s a storm coming. His dad died on a fishing boat when he was younger and he’s been angry at the sea ever since. Zayn told him that’s why - why he and Liam can’t be together, why he can’t let himself love Liam like he wants to. He can’t go through that again. Liam’s love for the sea is in his blood, and he thought he’d spend his whole life in it. But now - now he thinks he can want a life on land. He just has to figure it out. 

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Queens — Red Carpet (MTV Movie Awards 2014)

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#listen i would read an infinite amount of uni au’s based off this#like liam and niall in the same intro english class with zayn#and liam’s /really/ not an english person at all#but fuck if he doesn’t get hot and bothered every time zayn opens his mouth#and liam spends more time texting niall across the lecture hall than paying attention to the professor#and niall’s like ‘ha ha ! fuckk off i don’t wanna hear about that mate !’ and liam’s like ‘but broooo. do u hear himmmm. do u see himmm??? i’m so gone niallerrrr idk wut to do :(‘#’tell him that not me ! it’s not me dick you want ride ha ha !’#and liam finally getting the courage to talk to zayn one day after class#asking him to help him with his paper because ‘you’re really smart mate and i’m sort of shit at this english stuff’#and zayn just raises a perfectly raised eyebrow and is like ‘sure guess i can help’#and late night study sessions that somehow turn into late night make out sessions that turn into going back to zayn’s flat#and liam finally gets to ride zayn while zayn whispers lines poetry in his ear#and liam doesn’t have an idea what any of it means but fuck if h’es ever comed that hard in his /life/

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#if you’re not thinking about zayn crowding liam up against the wall#i dunno what to say#because that’s all i’m thinking about

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Zayn whispering "brave" while Louis is describing Liam

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Louis: Perfect and…
Zayn: Brave.
Louis: Warm.

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